Dr Enda Murray – Festival Director



Dr Enda Murray is the Festival Director of the Irish Film Festival which is currently on in Sydney until Sunday, 5-May before moving to Melbourne from 9-12 May.

He has a penchant for seeking out and bringing to the screen stories from marginalised communities, not just in Australia, but all over the world.

In today’s conversation we discuss the through line from being one of fourteen children to Enda’s passion for storytelling as a way of drawing attention to really important issues.

You can learn more about what’s going on at the Irish Film Festival and get your tickets here:
This year’s program celebrates the diversity of Irish life in the 21st century with 10 feature films and a selection of short film and an LGBTQI series. Enda is premiering his own film, “A Lifetime of Stories”, the amazing lives of Sydney’s Irish seniors told in their own words.


I’m honoured to bring this conversation to you.
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