Hi, I’m Ken and I’m thanks for your interest in my podcast, What I Don’t Talk About @ BBQs.

I love to create. Ideas excite me but ideas alone are not enough. They can be like eating a Mars Bar to deal with my hunger when what I really need is a good meal.

This podcast is my good meal.

It’s helping me have the type of meaningful conversations with people I’ve always wanted to have.

Each time I sit down to record with someone I learn something about them, about me and about our world.

I’ve also learned to check the remaining memory on my digital recorder’s SD card!


What moves us?

What events in our lives have led us to where we are today?

What are the stories we tell ourselves that have shaped how we see our place on this planet?

I like to get into it with people and I hope you enjoy the results.

You can get me at kenspodyay @ gmail.com

I’d love to hear from you…as long as you’re not trying to sell me anything, want me to join something or in a reverse “Bill & Teds” scenario, tell me the future of humanity rests on me stopping the pod.

Take care and all the best